Sunday, February 17, 2013

Golden and Black

Having a golden and black day with my new-to-me, thrifted skirt from Coldwater Creek and this box of chocolates my Babe gave me for Valentine's Day : )
The skirt is a sort of moleskin fabric.  Lovely weight and drape to it!  V-yoked top and 12 gores for a nice shape.  I'd been looking for a nice camel colored skirt for a long time.
Loving these clog style shoes this winter.  They're high enough to keep me out of the snow and slush, yet not too clunky looking to wear with skirts.


AuntLou said...

Nice! :)

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Love your new camel colored shirt.Looks good with the black sweater.
I also,like the shoes. I bought my self a pair really similar this winter. They are nice and comfortable, and looks good with my skirts and some dresses too.
Have a nice day.

Julian said...

I have a pair of thrifted shoes like that. I can wear them with most anything. Your outfit is really cute. I like the colors together. Sweet of your Babe;). Christina

Margo said...

I have 2 pairs of clogs. I don't really love adding height to my height, but YES, they keep my feet dry in yucky weather. My clogs are Dansko and they are so wonderfully comfortable and walkable.

Love your gold and black. I've been into gold a lot recently.


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