Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sunshine Season

  • I planted the rest of the garden this week and watered everything in good.  Tomatoes: paste, cherry, heirloom; Squash: butternut, tetsukabuto, jarrahdale; Peppers: sweet green peppers; Roots: beets, radishes;  Beans: green beans, wax beans, peas; etc...
  • I put in the seeds I'd saved from my Jarrahdale Pumpkin.  I have now completed the pumpkin pie cycle: grow pumpkin, harvest, save some seeds, make pies, plant seeds to grow more pumpkin...
  • I made a pie for dessert last night (we still have some of last year's pumpkin down in the freezer) and it was so good - I really think those Jarrahdale's make the best pumpkin pie - smooth texture, rich color, creamy...
  • The rhubarb is at it's full glory this time of year.  I've made sauce, crisps/cobblers, and a pie already.
  • The hummingbirds found my Homemade Feeder!  The boys keep running inside to tell me when they've seen another one.  Yea!  
  • The boys are spending most of their time outside: busy playing in the sand pile, climbing trees, rolling down the back yard hill, and generally being boys : )
  • The flower gardens are blooming nicely - poppies, irises, lilies...   I get a flat of pansies every year.  I love these orangey ones.  They have a lovely smell almost like roses.  I like to keep a little vase of them by my bed to give me sweet dreams ; )


AuntLou said...

I love these images of your life. :)

Crystal said...

Thank you for always inspiring me! :) We are in hopes to plant our garden on Monday, if the weather cooperates!!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Eva Girl..
Kenny wasn't able to get the garden cultivated for our vegetable garden..So,
we improvised. I bought 7 plastic tubs and
filled them with soil & fertizer. I have 4 tomatoes, 3 squash, and 3 cucumbers[the cucumbers are in the corner of the tubs of squash and I intend for them to run down?]. They are beautiful.. Not as nice, as having the large garden.. But.. makes us happy!!!
Your garden sounds lovely.. Enjoy the fruits of your work..Happy gardening.


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