Wednesday, April 4, 2012

(Sometimes) Mother's are Shameless

At least once a day I hear, "Mommy!  Come and wipe me up!"  It's said loud and cheerfully, in the same tone that 'Momma - come and give me kisses!' would be said....and it's sort of a joke between Babe and I when he's home:  Oh, this one is your turn ; )  You get the honors this time. *wink*

Well, I just had to share with you what I saw when I opened the bathroom door this morning!  He he he...these are the joys of Motherhood : )


Sew Blessed Maw said...

This is PRICELESS!!!! Absolutely adorable..
I love the hat.
[you know when he grows up, and sees this photo, he will fuss at you,hahahaha]

AuntLou said...

LOL! That is so cute!! :)

Rebecca said...

Isn't it amazing where we can find joy and job satisfaction! :)

My 11 yr. old son still remembers the song we used to sing to each other at such a time: "You're the best, best Mommy (or Son)! I do love you!"... accompanied with a little fanny pat.

Crystal said...

Hehe. That's great. He won't think so someday though! :) This photo is one that will be good for future bribery though! ;)

Amelia said...

Only another mommy would understand! Treasure those cries for help as I'm sure you do. It truly is a joy. My baby girl is 18 now. : )

Linda Craig said...

LOL! It takes a loving heart to see the creativity, imagination, and dreams of our children and nurture them, all day, every day. This is the job. Loving to serve our children, HIS children. They used to talk about a Mother having "quality time vs. quantity time." With God's help you can love having a quantity of quality time with your children. I've never heard a mother of adult children say, "I wish I'd spent more time at my job earning money instead of being with my children when they were young."

Margo said...

ha ha, I love this post!


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