Wednesday, March 28, 2012

(C. Cole Phillips)

The daffodils were laced with snow this morning.  The family is getting over a string of colds - of which I was the last to suffer and slowest to recover.  We did school this morning.  Then we did laundry, vacuuming, etc.  As a reward for all the boy's help (and because Mom's head was still feeling poorly) we watched some Looney Tunes together.  I prefer Sam Sheepdog & Ralph Wolf, and Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote...they're the more benign predator and hunted, try to excel through craft, thwarted by the inexplicable, type of stories.  (I get sick of Bugs Bunny because of his sarcastic attitude.)  I'm planning on Pizza for dinner tonight.  It's easy and it makes everybody happy.  The snow has already melted, I have some ironing to do, and the boys each got a lunch box and are busy taking turns playing the wolf and the sheepdog.

How has your day been?


Vintage Girl said...

We did school too, slowly! It's sunny right now, sorry you feel ill. We are getting ready for skyline chili and church. No sewing today, but soon.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Hi Eva Girl, so sorry you and family have been sick..Hope your completely well , real soon.
The pizza sounds good...
I too have some ironing to do today.. Was going to sew, but have been slow going today.. So.. I must get the work done first.ha

AuntLou said...

Pretty good day, here. My bread came out pretty good. My doctor visit went pretty well. UncleSi got home pretty early. I made a pretty good sale on eBay. :) Love the visual of the boys playing out those classic cartoons. B. Bunny appeals to a certain type of humor. My favorite of his was the opera. :D

Rebecca said...

I'm sitting up entirely too late (for me) because a sheep might need a midwife. (Oh, I wish my husband wasn't working late! ) Today I weeded the peas and onions and planted a bunch of perennials. New purple sage plant next to my existing silver-y pretty! My kids are getting over colds and my throat is getting scratchy. Fooey! I guess it's the remnant of the winter we never had.

Margo said...

We've had a little string of colds too - mostly the kids. But no snow!

Wednesday was my birthday! I took the day off work, so it felt like an extra day. We had little fun treats together throughout the day and I did exactly what I pleased - a little sewing, shopping, reading, walking. . . it was lovely.


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