Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2010 Sherlock - Pilot

It's cold and blustery outside, threatening a 'wintery mix' of snow, rain, and ice.  I've been curled up by the fire reading Sherlock Holmes for the past few evenings.  Having finished the book last night, I popped onto You Tube, just to see if I could find some Jeremy Brett's Sherlock to watch, and I stumbled across the pilot for BBC's Sherlock.
The music is seriously lacking, but the acting is still great, and there are little differences is set/scene etc. that are fun : )  I highly recommend watching the televised version first - it's much better - and then this one will be fun to watch.

Unaired Pilot: Sherlock - A Study in Pink part1
Unaired Pilot: Sherlock - A Study in Pink part 2
Unaired Pilot: Sherlock - A Study in Pink part 3


Anonymous said...

We love Sherlock! You can get them all on Netflix, you know, and then be ready for the new season when it airs in May!


FunMioko said...

Wonderful! I like it a lot!

buddy2blogger said...

Thanks for the links!

BBC Sherlock is a classic :)


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