Sunday, January 1, 2012

My First Dress Design - Free Pattern!

Here's a new dress for a new year!  Happy 2012 everyone!  : )

This is so exciting!  I have my own design published!  They just finished the pattern for my dress design over at Your Style Rocks!  The pattern for the Eva Dress is a free download!  I'd love to hear what you guys think of it.  Go on over and check it out : )  The pleat/tuck detail in the back wasn't my original design.  I just thought they would do a basic darted bodice back, but the pleat will be easier to fit and sew.  They have detailed instructions HERE.  It looks like they didn't make the skirt asymmetrical like my original drawing.  That's not a big deal, I'll end up lengthening the hem when I make it myself anyway.
And, I may have to order THESE shoes to wear with the dress when I get it finished!  I've been looking for a closed toe sandal for so long - I love this style ; )

Update 2012:
The lady at Your Style Rocks shot me an e-mail to let me know that my Eva Dress has been their most popular pattern!  How exciting : )
Here's a couple that I found on the web:
Grey by Lazylichen in Finland
Floral by Katja in Germany
Red by Mema in Germany


Mary said...

Really beautiful! Congratulations! I love the shoes, too.

Bethany Lynn said...

Congratulations! It's beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I would love to try to make this dress!

Katie said...

That is wonderful!!! Congratulations to you! The dress is gorgeous. Great work!

Happy New Year!

Davene Grace said...

Wow, what a great accomplishment! I don't know a thing about sewing, but I am frequently awed by your talent in this area. Your results are beautiful!! :)

AuntLou said...

Wow! It's beautiful, Eva Girl. I like those shoes, too. :)

Debi said...

This dress is SO LOVELY!! Congrats! It's on my list of dresses to make :)

Twiz said...

The dress is lovely and it's great you used jersey as it's hard to find good patterns for stretch materials. Especially like the flattering waist detail.Printing and sticking the pattern looks a bit tricky tho.
Congratulations on winning.

donaleen said...

Very nice design. It doesn't look like something you would wear, though. The sleeves are short and the neck is low. Is the photo on the dress form a dress you made or one they made? I like the tuck in back but suggest that it should be a closure (tie or hook or even button) that would allow getting it over your head more easily and no zipper!

Eva Girl said...

They took my design drawing and drafted a pattern and made the dress, so the neck is lower then I had drawn it. I'll have to change that when I make the dress for myself.
I half expected there would be some differences in the design, since they only had one drawing to design the whole dress from.

I like your idea of doing a tie in the back.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Eva Girl.. I am sooooo happy for you.Congradulations.. I know you must be thrilled. I cant wait to see the dress you made from this pattern..
And I love,love, those shoes.. Hope you get to purchase them..
Happy sewing 2012.

Margo said...

very pretty! I love a draped neckline like that, although I've never made one. Now I can try :)

Congratulations to you!

seslie said...

I love this dress and I am very exited to make it soon. thanks for sharing the patern. now I have to find just the right fabric :)

tara said...

Getting your own design published is so fabulous! You go girl!

Salma said...

Wow! You made this?!?! Can I just say thank you a million times?! I LOVE this dress.

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty dress! Well done.


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