Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blue Floral Nightgown

I made this nightgown for my Sister as a gift to her ; )   It's a silk shear fabric, blue to match her eyes, and picked especially because, "It will swirl when she twirls in it," said my little boy as he let the fabric fall through his fingers.
It was a surprise gift for her, so I had to guess at the measurements.  I was anxious about how it would fit her....would it be just too small?   Would it be way too big? fit perfectly!  I was so glad and relieved!  I hadn't seen my sister for over a year, and yet it fit like she'd been standing right there while I made it and fit it to her!
 ....and she likes the way it swirls when she walks ; )
I finished the arms and neck with navy bias binding.  The fabric was too shear and silky to mess with facings and a rolled hem is so finicky on a curve.  I opened the bias up flat and sewed it along the right-side edge, then folded it up with the raw edges tucked in, folded it all over to the back, and sewed it to the back-side with a hem stitch.  Very nice way to finish a thin material like that.


Vintage Girl said...

Very pretty! nice job. I saw you on some other site. I love all the beautiful garments you have made. Such a talented lady!

Anonymous said...

This blog is delightful. I homeschool also, three children. It's nice to meet an accomplished seamstress and up and coming designer who homeschools. Now I know I haven't set an unrealistic goal. It can be done. Thank you.


AuntLou said...

Well done! :) You are amazing, Eva Girl.

Anonymous said...

This is a delightful blog. I homeschool also, three children. ...glad to have met you.
I am known as servaregine on burdastyle.

Anonymous said...

This blog is delightful.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Eva Girl..I love this gown, and I know your sister will love it and I just bet the boys are correct.. Great for
Happy sewing.


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