Thursday, December 8, 2011

Khaki Print Dress with Tucks

 Here are some more pictures of the khaki and brown print dress.

I'm making modifications to the dress shown in the previous post: tucks, collar, sleeves, belt, and button placket. It's amazing how little changes make a big difference in the way everything looks!   I drafted the shoulder yoke, bodice front with pleats, back bodice, 3/4 sleeves, flared a-line skirt, belt, button placket, and collar.  I've had to modify the bodice pleats, collar, button placket, and sleeves.  That leaves only 3 things out of 5 that were right the first time : )

1 comment:

PepperToast said...

Oh my, the hard work you are putting into this dress but it is lovely so keep at it.

Looking at these new photos it confirmed what I thought about your latest dress, I think the pleats need to be moved closer in to the center thus getting them more over your chest and less to the side and under your arm. You are also right on with the wider button placket and collar shape although the collar on your version is lovely.


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