Friday, November 11, 2011

New Pin Pillow

I've had the same pink tomato pin cushion for years.  The same traditional, multi-colored, round headed pins....I decided it was time for something different : )  I thought these flower headed pins looked fun.  It turns out that these pins are longer and thinner then my old traditional pins - they go through the fabric so smooth - and they are nice sturdy steel.   They're certainly not more expensive then the other pins, so I was delightedly surprised to find how nice they work!  I like them so much that I made them their own little pin cushion out of a scrap of my Grandmother's old fabric : )  I bought a box of 75 pins, so I should have plenty, and I already gave away my old pins and their cushion... the old ones are still good to use, but I don't need both sets.


Rebecca Ann said...

Eva I love your new pin cushion! Its so bright and cheerful!

Where did you get your pins? I have seen lots of bloggers use ones similar to yours and would love to purchase some. thanks!

In Christ,

Eva Girl said...

I got mine at the local Joann's Fabric store....if you google 'Dritz flat flower pins' there are many places online you can order them too.

AuntLou said...

Cute! I still hang on to what is left of my 39 year old pins because I have no others that glide so beautifully through my fabrics. :)

Sew Blessed Maw said...

What a pretty pin cushion.. And how nice to know, you are using your grandma's fabric for it.YOu will be able to think about her, every time you sew..
I love the pins cute.Happy sewing.


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