Sunday, October 2, 2011

African Violet

Beautiful.  Yes.  But, this african violet will not bloom for me unless I put it on the little table by the printer in the office.  It likes the light from the window there.  I can put it in any other window of the house and the plant grows green and happy, but it will not flower unless it is in the office window....I can move the plant to the living room to enjoy the flowers for a while, but I have to move it back to the office, or it will stop flowering for me ; )   


RetroRocketGal said...

Plants have lives of their own. I love African violets.

AuntLou said...

Hmmm, a home-body flowering plant? :)

Davene Grace said...

How interesting! It sounds like a determined (or stubborn) little thing! :)

My grandmother always had African violets, and I can't see one without thinking of her. Thanks for bringing that memory to my mind! :)

Heather said...

at least it is something wonderful to look at in your office! i don't have much luck with flower plants...only veggies...not sure why that is...i think perhaps i think only of eating when i garden...and most flowers are not the edible variety :-)


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