Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1940's Women's Wardrobe

2 Felt hats
1 Straw hat
1 Winter coat
1 Summer coat

1 Evening Dress - rayon
2 Afternoon dresses - rayon
2 Street dresses - wool
2 Street dresses- rayon
2 House dresses - cotton

2 Slips - rayon
2 Girdles
3 Brassieres
3 Panties - rayon

2 Pairs of Street shoes - Oxfords
1 Pair of Dress shoes

1 Bathrobe - cotton
3 Pajamas - cotton
3 Pair of Stockings - rayon
1 Pair of Slippers - leather
1 Pair of Galoshes
2 Set of Gloves - leather
1 Handbag

This 1940's Womans Wardrobe from Glamor Daze intrigued me.  Now that I've paired down my wardrobe to my favorites, it's time to evaluate what's missing that is necessary.  I need a good evening dress, and an afternoon dress, and a couple street dresses.  A couple outfits on my list weren't suitable for what I had intended, so I've taken them off the list and out of my closet.  So, now my list looks like this:
I can add the blue floral wrap dress under town/visiting.  The lavender calico dress will go in under house dresses.  That leaves 4 openings to be filled, and an evening dress too ; )

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Amelia said...

Wow. The panty part...that is so sparce oh my. Do my dressy Madrid style Birkenstocks count as street shoes? *smile* That is all I wear these days with my back paining me. They are dressy, feminine ones though.

I enjoyed this list, I need help simplifying.

These things intrigue me too. I just love the 40s time period. So glad you liked the pic of the red dress I won in your give away last year, we all think it's adorable. : ) Thank you again Eva!

Bless you!

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