Monday, April 25, 2011

Stand Up Straight and Smile!

Because, no matter what you wear, you've got to have good posture and grace.  You're clothes are only part of the look.  The way you walk and sit, the way you hold your head and hands....well, it's all a complete picture of how you look to the rest of the world.
Check out this post on Good Posture


Vintage Girl said...

So right! I have really bad posture! Bad back! Have to remind myself to sit straight! Great post!

SinginginHisName said...

That is so so true! we should all try to have better posture and sitting habits. I will always remember when I took a health class in elementary school learning crossing your legs when sitting down can cut off the circulation in the legs. I remember thats its better not to cross the legs. :) It also looks more lady like. :) Thanks for the great link Eva!

In Christ,


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