Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blue Hydrangea

So, a while back I mentioned that I loved the purple/green/blue of the Hydrangea Macrophilia, but as yet I had not purchased one.  I couldn't decide if this was one of those 'fad flowers' - the kind that everyone runs out a buys and sticks in their yard - and then, everywhere you look, there they are, until you're sick of seeing them and vow to never plant one in your own yard.  Like forsythia.  Around here they're one of the first things blooming in the Spring and it seems like everybody has one.  Now, I like forsythias just fine, but I don't see why I should plant one if everyone else already has...I figure I'll plant something different.
Well, today at the grocery store they had a row of Blue Hydrangeas set out...and I couldn't say no.  There's something about that color.  I'm not that excited about it in the landscape really, but it's stunning in a cut flower arrangement : )
I'm not sure where this will fit into my landscape plan, but I'll find just the right place for it : )


Tiff said...

LOL!! I just bought a forsythia bush this weekend because I missed ours from our old house. We have been in this new house for almost 5 years and every year I say I am going to get one but by the time I get to the nursery they are sold out. Luckily I got one this year. I love them and guess I think there just can't be too many of a pretty thing, in my yard or in others ;)
Love Hydrangeas too, but I haven't had good luck with getting the grocery store ones to survive outside. I think you need to add something to soil to keep the blue color, otherwise they turn white, so you might want to look it up online. They certainly are pretty for a Springtime arrangement. Enjoy.

Tracy said...

I love my blue hydrangea, and it blooms ALL summer and late into the fall. Also, last year I planted a few white ones. Annabelle and Oakleaf. Greenish-white, and oh so beautiful!

trebleteacher said...

Lovely, just lovely. I recall driving with my mother in Michigan springs. Every forsythia she saw she would point out to us, "There's a beautiful one! Aren't they pretty!" She loved every sign of spring. So, I'm a big supporter of bright yellow forsythias. However, I never intend to plant one of the endless pinkish-lavender azaleas I see everywhere. L, Mom

Anonymous said...

The thing is that hydrangeas sold in grocery stores do not do well planted in yards. They may survive, but they aren't as bountiful. They are raised differently than the ones grown for yards. If you want one for your yard, you need to purchase it at a nursery where it is specifically grown for outdoors.

Nicki said...

If you live in a mild climate, that thing will go *insane.* I had one in my front yard, once, and eventually, you're not so much "pruning" as "doing battle."

Eva Girl said...

So, would my little hydrangea be happy to stay inside? Would it keep flowering for me? Doesn't it still need a cold period? I'd be happy to keep it as a house plant, or if I could find a sheltered spot for it outside - what zone is best for these?

Margo said...

I love hydrangeas! I tried to grow one after seeing my friend's HUGE bush and getting lovely arrangements out of it. But alas, my little twiggy bush was not marked well enough and my husband dumped a woodpile on top of it. sighhhh
Your bouquet makes me want to try again.


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