Saturday, March 26, 2011


I had found three of these little white cups at a thrift store.  There were no saucers with them, so I'd been using odd little plates under them.  I kept my eye out for some little white saucers that would match them.  I knew I would find something.  Someday : )  Two years later:  I found these at the Goodwill yesterday - they even have a scalloped edge - a perfect match for the little cups : )  There's only two of these saucers, so the third cup is still waiting for a match, but I don't mind, it's sort of a game to see what I will find at the thrift stores.


Anonymous said...

Oh, those couldn't be more perfect! I just adore all-white dishes, they're such a classic. I have an idea for what you might do with your third teacup, see what you think. :)


M. said...

They look great together Eva!


Amelia said...

Perfect! I love the all-white cups, I can certainly relate to the wonderful feeling of gradually finding matches at resale shops. It's a bit like a scavenger hunt? : )


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