Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lace in the Morning

After putting our children to bed and kissing our husbands goodnight, my girlfriends and I went out for coffee at the 24 hour Tim Hortons.  We sipped our drinks, talked and laughed, and enjoyed being together without the clamor of children : )   This morning the rosy rays of the sun were pretty against the lace of the garments I'd hung on the door last night before going to bed.  I had just put new sheets on the bed yesterday and they smelled of roses.... I had sweet dreams of friends and laughter and woke to a pretty day....it was a special evening too because it was my friend's birthday.  I've known her for 18 years.  Good years full of good memories.  I'm looking forward to all the years yet to come too ; )

1 comment:

Margo said...

life can be so delightful, so full of pleasantness. a good thing to store up for days that aren't so rosy.

lovely lace photos.


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