Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 ....feed the chickens, pick-up the living room, change the table cloth, make more laundry soap...
The Laundry....knows no limit!
Who made all the dirty dishes?!
...load the dishwasher, make breakfast,  make cookies, think about dinner...
Hang the loads of laundry up in the basement.   Teach the boys how to put the socks and undies on the wooden rack.  They decide to race to see who can do the most...clean laundry gets dropped on the floor because they're hurrying.  Rather then get upset because her clean laundry got dirty, Mommy decides that a little dirt never hurt anybody.

Then, she puts on some tea and enjoys the sunshine streaming in the windows...
Happy news: my Christmas Cactus is blooming! : )


Amber Noella said...

I find it so lovely to read things like this.

Tiff said...

I here you about the laundry, it's never ending! One of my Christmas cacti is blooming again, crazy.
And I must comment on your basement, it looks so organized, I'm envious. Mine is a disaster at the moment because I'm decluttering the house and piling all the stuff in the basement till Spring when I can have a sale. I love how you have all the totes lined up.
Have a lovely day.

Ps, we are planning on getting chickens this year, could I pick your brain for advice?

simply Maria said...

Yes...these are the days to remember!

Rejoicing with you - it is blooming :)


Eva Girl said...

My well organized basement is due to my husband - I like to call him 'My Tote-Master' - whenever we go shopping he wanders into the tote isle and comes out with more containers for organizing : )

Yes. Please, e-mail me any questions you have about chickens and I'll be happy to answer them : )


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