Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day

All the dads were home from work today!  Snow Day Holiday!  A couple of our favorite families came over to visit and have lunch.  Some of the children went out to play.  The dads went out and did some snow removal and play with the children.  The moms and the rest of the children baked cookies and told stories....
I think we'll have 2-3 feet by the end of today!


AuntLou said...

Uh oh, more shoes to buy for all those feet! :) I remember when snow was fun! :) It's still beautiful. <3

Heritage Farmgirl said...

How sweet all bundled up. I am in Ontario Canada and it has been snowing for days, but today it was blizzard like conditions with the wind and white outs. I managed to make it to the village as a deep freeze is tonight and the van might not start again tomorrow morning. best get the toilet paper and stamps today!
Have a blessed weekend.



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