Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The House Frock / Hooverette

"Every woman needs a frock such as this while she is doing house-hold tasks, for it is practical enough and smart-enough looking for a dash to the grocery."

Hooverette, House Frock, and lounging robe all in one!  Efficiency, elegance, and comfort - what more could a woman want?! 

"Housedresses...were a utilitarian fashion. They were an extension of the more formal suite of day apparel that a lady wore pre-WW2. Morning gowns, walking dresses, afternoon gowns…what a relief to have one simple house dress...The need for the house dress came about as a response to a much more formal society with rigid rules about appropriate dress... An appropriately clothed lady of the mid 20th century (when housedresses were a mainstay) just going out for a day of errands was expected to not only wear a dress and heels, but a full armor of undergarments, a hat, and even gloves. Every area of clothing had its own rigid set of guidelines...the domestic goddess said that not only should a woman’s home sparkle but the woman as well. A house dress meant that the lady of the house could look decent while attending to the rigorous care of the home." --Fashion Incubator

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Margo said...

When I switched from professional to stay at home mom, it took me a while to get my clothes "right." I want to look nice but be able to work hard. So I recognized my efforts in the quote you listed.


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