Saturday, December 4, 2010

Paper Snowflakes in the Window

Every year, about the time of the first snowfall, I hang up my paper snowflakes.  Made by friends and family, many by myself (initials and dates can be found on some) and all unique and pretty.
 I hang them in the windows.  The pretty shapes outlined in the light from outside.  
Every year I make a few more.  Someday, I'll have enough for every window in the house!  As I hang them up I think of who made each one, the time spent together, the friendship.
Have you ever looked at real snow flakes?  They're amazing!  They only last for a moment.  I want to go out this winter and show the boys how to catch them on dark paper and look at them together.
I leave my paper snowflakes up all winter.  I reminds me of just how beautiful snow is - a wonder of God's creation - so I don't mind shoveling it so much ; )


rebwey said...

These are beautiful! My paper snowflakes always come out looking too boxy and blunt.

At Christmas my mom hangs her collection of crocheted snowflakes in her windows and leaves them up until time to plant early garden.

AuntLou said...

So pretty, Eva-Girl, and so meanful! <3

Margo said...

oh, it's so pretty!!! I may copy you. But are the snowflakes made out of ordinary paper? Or did you laminate them? They look amazing.

Mona said...

I LOVE this idea. They look great in the window. I never even thought about hanging them. They look so much better that way than taping them to walls.
Thanks for the idea!

Eva Girl said...

They're all just regular paper. I store them in a folder in our file cabinet in the office.

Mary said...

Oh, what a nice idea!

Kt Go said...

how did you connect them all? with fishing line, or what?

Eva Girl said...

I used ornament hooks to hang each one on the other.


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