Monday, November 1, 2010

Swing Dancing

(I have these swing dancing pictures in my journal from 2002)
In college my girl friends and I decided to go to a Swing Dance that was at the grange hall near our campus.  It was advertised that there would be a beginners class before the dance started.  So, we tried it.  From that night on we didn't miss a single dance we could get to.  We learned fast.  We got invited to other dances.  We took a couple advanced classes.  It was a blast!
My Babe and I took a Swing Dance Class so that we could dance together at our wedding reception : )  That was one of the most fun parts of our wedding...and to this day, My Babe will take me in the kitchen and dance to the classical jazz they play on Saturday nights on the radio.  The boys love to watch and try to swing dance with each other too.
Yup. That's us at our wedding reception.  I'd changed out of my dress.  All the formal reception stuff was done, and I wanted to be able to enjoy the dancing : )

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Margo said...

Just lovely! How smart of you to plan so you could enjoy yourselves in the dance! I love the pic with your white lace flying out from under your red dress. I love to dance, too, but I've never been very talented :) Well, I never took a class either.


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