Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A New Table Cloth

Did you know thrifted upholstery fabric makes the best table cloths?!  It's durable and drapes well, and the best part is, if it has scotch gaurd, the spills can often be mopped up before they stain : )
 I'm in absolute love of this fabric I just found.  The print has such beautiful flowers and in the best colors - not too bright, not too soft...
There's just something about that color green, and I've aways liked peachy-pinks!  So, I snatched it off the shelf, brought it home, and put a hem on the edges.


rebwey said...

Aren't you smart! I never would have considered upholstery fabric as a table cloth. Those colors are just perfect.

Joy said...

What a pretty piece of fabric. I know that brightens the room nicely.
♥ Joy

AuntLou said...

It's so you! (and that's a compliment) <3

Margo said...

oh I love it! those colors!


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