Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Jarrahdale Pumpkin Pie

This is the Jarrahdale Pumpkin we grew in our garden this year.  I picked this variety because it's an heirloom and has a beautiful blue color, and it was reported to have a deep, orange flesh that is good for pies.  I hoped this would prove to be a good pie pumpkin...I cut into it... 
 I was delighted to see the thick orange flesh.  It had a mild taste, not bitter at all, and so smooth - perfect!  I scooped out the seeds, saving a few for planting next year.  I rejoiced in the beautiful orange color of the flesh, and how smooth it was, this would surely make a creamy pie filling!
 I placed the two halves of the pumpkin in a deep casserole dish for baking.
The pumpkins take about an hour and a half in the oven, at 350.  I tried roasting the rest of the seeds too.  I sprinkled them with salt and gave them about 20 minutes in the oven.  When the pumpkins were soft to the touch, I took them out of the oven and let them cool.  Then, all I did was scoop out the pumpkin and let it drain a couple minutes in a colander.  (There's always quite a bit of water in pumkins.  I use a deep baking dish to hold it all.  The first year I used a cookie sheet and ended up with a pool in the bottom of my oven!)

 I follow the same recipe on the store bought canned pumpkin, with a couple exceptions.  I don't put in molasses, and instead of ginger, I put in allspice.
These are the best pumpkin pies I've made yet!  They have the best flavor, the creamiest, smoothest texture.  Simply delicious!


AuntLou said...

Ooo, my tummy growleth!

Marie said...

can I come over for some pie. They looked lovely :) By the way I only have one dress on my site. My camera went kaput... haven't posted anything new recently. I do have a Jackie O silohette of a dress that I did photograph. Maybe I'll post that. It's flamingo pink ;) You could look at fashion bloggers for dress ideas. Some shop vintage... modcloth sells alot of dresses. Some very short. Also ETsy has alot of vintage sellers with some dresses that could inspire you.
Here's a link: http://www.etsy.com/search_results.php?search_query=dresses&search_type=vintage

Eva Girl said...

There's so many to look at! I've never really shopped Etsy before. It's a great resource!

jordan said...

I loved this post! I am a pumpkin farmer's wife in Surry, Virginia. We have a pumpkin patch (College Run Farms) and I was advertising our Jarrahdale pumpkins to our customers. I googled recipes for Jarrahdales and your post popped up! I added your link to my Facebook post because it was so lovely and informative :) Thank you!!!!!


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