Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hoosier Baker's Table

I did a little research for a new friend.  She wanted to know what the kitchen island was in The Walton's TV show.  After looking at the one on the show I thought it looked most like this Hoosier Baker's Table.

So, there you have it!  I think the pictures would be enough to see how it could be built.  Isn't she a wonder!
I think this table is the greatest thing!  I didn't know a table like this even existed until today!  It's a great way to have everything in one place for baking!


Travels With Uncle Sam said...

Oh, that is wonderful! Have you tried the "a dress a day" site? You can google that name. Also, one of their posts, "I Blame It On June Cleaver!"

Amber Noella said...

Love it! I am forever being inspired by your blog! You should add "Inspiration" at the top of your blog :)

AuntLou said...

Those curved parts are bins for flour, white and/or whole wheat (graham) or cornmeal... something that could be scooped, but not too valuable! White sugar, for example, would be kept in solitary state, usually. If you look at the daughter of this table, a Hoosier cupboard, or other similar name, you will see what was in many homes as I was growing up. Many people had no fitted cupboards, or kept their Hoosier after they added some cupboards. The Hoosiers that I remember best had a enameled metal surface that you would pull out to use for kneading & rolling, etc. and a flour bin with a sifter built into the bottom of it. This bottom was just above the "counter," very convenient. B)
Aunt Lou

Rebecca-Lee said...

I recently acquired one! First saw one on The Walton's and had been looking for a while. I plan on using it as an island. Mine has a wooden top, two drawers, two bins and two big cutting boards. Just love it!. They are also called Dough tables, Bakers tables and Possum belly tables.

Anonymous said...

Came across your site as I was trying to find pictures of the waltons kitchen and living room. You see I'm going to be making a doll house of the Waltons and after watching so many of the shows one after another my son says "why don't you just look on the net for the pictures" I still have to find a good source (american) for the doll furniture there are a ton in the UK least the magazines I've found are all from there. So you see your site gives me a good source for viewing all the little things in the kitchen.


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