Thursday, June 10, 2010

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to be one of those plumpish, jolly, fun old lady's.  I'll wear my white hair, soft and poofy, and I'll always go barefoot.  I plan on being happily old starting at age 50.  You see, I think being old is something to look forward to....I know 50 really isn't old, but I'm going to start there because I want to grow into it gracefully ; )  I don't want age to sneak up on me and not be prepared for it!   I want to be the sort of old lady that bakes you cookies and shows you how to collect bugs, tells funny stories and always smells of roses....I'll sit in my gardens and paint and drink lemonade and eat cake, and I'll invite friends and family over for evenings to play music together and eat homemade ice cream and drink coffee.


Margo said...

what a wonderful person to aspire to! I love your vision! I think I will start dreaming of mine and I think it will have elements of yours.
Very inspiring, thank yoU!

Kristen said...

Two words:


Great post - I think you'll make a wonderful little old lady. :)

Aunt Lou said...

Save this post, dear niece Eva, and see what life hands you, by the time you are my age!! You'll be a cool "old lady" -- even if your life is different from what you expect. Love, Aunt Lou
PS, the Local Dollar Tree had flippies, when I went in, yesterday! :)

Anonymous said...

LADIES not Lady's

donaleen said...

And what will you wear when you are a little old lady? I always wanted to have an umbrella with a point that I would poke boys with and say "young man, young man". And I wanted to have 29 cats and eat chocolates. Never thought about what to wear and now I am ill prepared.

donaleen said...


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